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Starting over, this wiki will be about their new album updates and tour dates. I will try to put as much info as I can and I'd like you all to put legible information up. 

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Suicide Silence have just unleashed a full stream of their fourth studio album, ‘You Can’t Stop Me,’ which arrives on July 15. Listen to the entire disc here.

"The album’s July 15 release date will leave fans both curious and hyped for a few more months, but to help with the wait, Suicide Silence just released the cover art and track listing for ‘You Can’t Stop Me,’ along with info on some interesting collaborations to be found within the record." source

THATS RIGHT! They will be releasing their NEW ALBUM titled "You Cant Stop me" on July 15... JULY THE FUCKING 15TH!

Also more BIG FUCKING NEWS, "Hermida won’t be the only new voice on ‘You Can’t Stop Me.’ The album’s track listing reveals a collaboration with Cannibal Corpse vocalist George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher on ‘Control,’ while the Dillinger Escape Plan‘s Greg Puciato adds his voice to ‘Monster Within.’" source

Thats right, two guest vocalists are gunna be on the new Album in the tracklisting, big news all excitement! I for one, can not WAIT to get my hands on this album!

Some more news, they will be including Mitch Luckers final song for the band, the song OBVIOUSLY is You Cant Stop Me, so lets see what Mitch left us with \m/

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My main source for these things is this site.

The second place i go to is Wikipedia.

And obviously, I get my videos from Youtube.

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