This is Eddie Hermida

Hernan Hermida was born in Cabimas, Venezuela on March 24, 1983. He is obviously a Venezuelan-American musician, he was well known for his role in the deathcore/death metal band, All Shall Perish (2003-2013) as the former vocalist. He now is the lead singer for Suicide Silence; Hernan joined in 2013 following the unfortunate passing of the bands lead vocalist, Mitch Lucker


With Gunmetal Grey

  • 2005: Solitude

With All Shall Perish

  • 2006: The Price of Existence
  • 2008: Awaken the Dreamers
  • 2011: This is Where it Ends

​With Suicide Silence

​Other appearances he made

  • 2005: Antagony- Rebirth
  • 2008: The Red Shore- Unconsecrated
  • 2012: Resist The Thought- Sovereignty

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